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Packaging made from recycled materials


Plant-based products

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Sativum full spectrum raw CBD hemp oil extract 300mg with recycled packaging
Sativum full spectrum raw CBD hemp oil extract 500mg with recycled packaging
Sativum full spectrum raw CBD hemp oil extract 1000mg with recycled packaging
Phytocannabinoid goodness

For your balance

Hemp oil extracts can help maintain a peaceful mindset and relieve various ailments, support an overall healthy lifestyle, leading to a more balanced,  fulfilling life.

Our unique hemp extract formula has all 100+ phytocannabinoids while preserving terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and omegas, thus creating an “entourage effect” and giving you the best results.


We believe in nature

Our philosophy is to stay as close to nature as possible. Meaning we interfere as little as possible with hemp's natural state. Our organic oils are unrefined, unheated, raw, gifting you with all of the vitamins, omegas, minerals, phytocannabinoids in their raw form, that are lost when heated. We deliver hemp in its raw, unaltered form, just as nature intended. Thus giving you the only potent hemp extract you will ever need.


Our oils are of the highest quality, produced under ISO9001 certification. Our hemp is extracted using the CO2 extraction method which gives pure hemp extract without any chemicals and it only uses CO2 (just like plants do). Making it a sustainable and eco-friendly way of extraction.


We care for planet Earth and believe it is every company's responsibility to save our planet's resources. Therefore our packaging is made from recycled materials and we use the lowest amount of plastic possible.


Containing all 100+ phytocannabinoids found in hemp, giving you an "entourage effect" - all cannabinoids are working synergistically with each other and are more effective than isolated Cannabidiol (CBD) alone, meaning you get maximum results.

One oil

To benefit them all

  • Omegas 3,6

  • Terpenes

  • Flavonoids

  • Vitamins

  • Full-sprectrum of phytocannabinoids

plants one tree

Sadly, the Amazon rainforest is facing deforestation at a tremendous pace, due to fires and cutting. On the bright side we are here to help. How?

We will plant 1 tree for every product you buy!

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About us

Sativum is a wellness and health company focused on providing natural hemp based solutions for everyday ailments such as anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, oncological problems and many other.

The mission of Sativum is to bring harmony into your life (body and mind) through natural CBD remedies, free from addictive chemicals and unpleasant side effects, offering an alternative to many synthetic, pharmaceutical derived products.