CBDA benefits

6 CBDA benefits

CBDA is a precursor of CBD. To put it more simply it is the “father” of CBD – when hemp plant grows, it contains mostly CBDA, which then starts converting to CBD with time, sunlight and heat (aka decarboxylation).

Although CBDA is not as well scientifically researched as CBD, there are very promising ongoing studies and interest in this molecule. As of now, GW Pharmaceuticals holds patent for CBDA as a potential epilepsy drug.

CBDA benefits

1) Therapeutic potential for anticipatory nausea

One research (source) with rats showed, that CBDA is very well tolerated and might be an alternative for people on-going chemotherapy and experiencing nausea. As benzodiazepines, normally used for AN during chemotherapy, has “significant sedative effects and induce dependency”.

Anticipatory nausea (AN) is a poorly controlled side effect experienced by chemotherapy patients. Currently, pharmacotherapy is restricted to benzodiazepine anxiolytics, which have limited efficacy, have significant sedative effects and induce dependency. The non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), has shown considerable efficacy in pre-clinical AN models”

Conclusion of the research was that:

“CBDA is very well tolerated and devoid of the sedative side effect profile of benzodiazepines, justifying its clinical investigation as a novel AN treatment.”

2) Has anti-inflammatory properties

“CBDA or THC alone, as well as very low doses of combined CBDA and THC, has anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperalgesia effects in this animal model of acute inflammation.” (source)

3) Might have anti-tumoral effect

Study made in Japan shows that CBDA inhibits migration of breast cancer cells.

“Results of the current investigation revealed that CBDA inhibits migration of the highly invasive human breast cancer cells”

“The data presented in this report suggest for the first time that as an active component in the cannabis plant, CBDA offers potential therapeutic modality in the abrogation of cancer cell migration, including aggressive breast cancers.” (source)

4) Can help with social anxiety and depression

CBDA shows potential results as anxiolytic drug. In one study CBDA gave anti-depressant effects at doses 10-100 lower than those of CBD. (source)

5) Has better bioavailability than CBD

As CBDA has better bioavailability than CBD it gives quicker results. Also less CBDA is required to achieve the therapeutic effects.

6) Reduces vomiting

University of Guelph research on rats shows, that:

” CBDA potently reduced conditioned gaping in rats, even at low doses and enhanced the anti-nausea effect of a low dose of OND. These findings suggest that combining low doses of CBDA and OND will more effectively treat acute nausea in chemotherapy patients.” (source)

Nowadays CBDA got interest in scientific field and more research is being made as CBDA shows great potential in medicinal field. We are very excited to get more scientific evidence of cannabidiolic acid benefits.

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