We are sativum

We want to make the world a more harmonious place and believe hemp has a power to do so. We stand for innovation and sustainability and try to give back to the world as a company - plant trees, use sustainable materials instead of plastics.

At Sativum we fell in love with hemp, its benefits that we felt and want to share it with the world!

In harmony

With nature

Our values

Premium quality CBD

Organic oils of highest quality produced under ISO9001 certification. Our hemp is extracted using CO2 extraction method which gives pure hemp extract without any chemicals and it uses only CO2 (just like plants do). Making it sustainable and eco-friendly way of extraction. It is sustainableWe care for planet Earth and believe it is every company’s responsibility to save our planet’s resources. Therefore our packaging is made from recycled materials and we use as less plastic as possible. Our products are full-spectrum, containing all 100+ phytocannabinoids found in hemp, giving you “entourage effect” – all cannabinoids working synergistically with each other and are more effective than isolated Cannabidiol (CBD) alone, meaning you get maximum results.

We strive to make CBD accessible

At Sativum we firmly believe in cannabinoids and think it should be available to all of those in need of it.

We feel responsible for environment

We care for nature. We use as less plastic as possible, changing it with more environment friendly materials, such as glass, biodegradable labels, packaging made from recycled materials and we say NO to wasteful, excess packaging! Plus we plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest for every product sold!

Plant-based products

All of our products are plant-based, which drastically cuts carbon footprint, saves precious water supplies, and leads planet Earth to cleaner, more sustainable future.

Why choose sativum?

We believe in nature. Our philosophy is to stay as close to nature as possible. Sativum products interfere as little as possible with hemp’s natural state. Our organic oils are unrefined, unheated, raw, leaving you with all vitamins, omegas, minerals, phytocannabinoids in their raw form, that are lost when heated. We deliver hemp in its raw, unaltered form, just as nature intended it.


Suitable for vegans,
vegetarians, coeliacs


Natural organic solution
to many ailments


We deliver worldwide with
easy ordering experience


Guaranteed amount of
cannabinoids in every drop


Tested in 3rd party specialised laboratory for purity and consistency


Packaging harmonious
with nature

We plant 1 tree for every product that you buy!

We love nature and as planet faces deforestation we step forward for change. For more sustainable future.

That is why we decided to help protect the most abundant and biodiverse place on the planet Earth – the Amazon rainforest.

Our idea is simple: 1=1, one product sold plants one tree in the Amazon rainforest.

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meet the team


Jonas Urbonas

Founder of Sativum

Cannabis lover and enthusiast

For questions you can hit me up on LinkedIn