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hemp oil for pain

Hemp oil for pain: why and how to use it?

Have you ever been doing a workout, running, swimming, or walking, and realized how badly your muscles were going to hurt the next day—or two? Or maybe you have a chronic pain condition that interferes

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cbd for athletes

CBD Usage Among Athletes

I’m Tia from AskGrowers, I work here as a journalist and writer. I’m passionate about sports, so let me share with you the story of CBD usage and sports, as I experienced CBD benefits myself.

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CBD oil for back pain

7 benefits of CBD oil for back pain

CBD oil is a plant extract (tincture) made from the cannabis plant. It is extracted from industrial hemp plants. As hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is abundant in CBD and has only a trace amount of

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how to use cannabis oil

How to use cannabis oil

Have you been curious lately about the benefits of cannabis? Or maybe how to use cannabis oil? It is a perfect option for consuming cannabis (or hemp) if you don’t like the inhalation process. Also,

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Yoga and CBD

Yoga and CBD: an ancient combo

In the past years, an increasing number of people are turning to the ancient practice of yoga. Why? They do so to reduce stress, cultivate awareness, relieve pain, lose weight and become an overall happier

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