Phytocannabinoid news and benefits

how to use cannabis oil

How to use cannabis oil

Have you been curious lately about the benefits of cannabis? Or how to use cannabis oil? It is a perfect option for consuming cannabis (or hemp) if you don’t like the inhalation process. Also, it

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Yoga and CBD

Yoga and CBD: an ancient combo

In the past years, an increasing number of people are turning to the ancient practice of yoga. Why? They do so to reduce stress, cultivate awareness, relieve pain, lose weight and become an overall happier

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CBD oil for chronic pain relief

CBD oil for pain relief

CBD for chronic pain relief Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, naturally found in cannabis ( hemp and marijuana) plants. It does not make you “high” and is completely safe. The psychoactive effects of cannabis are

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How to choose the best CBD product?

With CBD market blooming and hemp products being everywhere, many people feel lost in the variety of cannabinoid products claiming to be the best there are. Do not worry, we will help you stay informed.

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6 CBDA benefits

CBDA is a precursor of CBD. To put it more simply it is the “father” of CBD – when hemp plant grows, it contains mostly CBDA, which then starts converting to CBD with time, sunlight

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