Buy CBD in Australia

CBD in Australia: Where and How to buy CBD in Australia?

So, you are wondering to buy CBD in Australia.

But what is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) belongs to the group of hundreds of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) has become more and more famous as scientific evidence suggests that CBD may have health benefits that can enhance the life quality of human beings.

Every country on the Earth has its laws when it comes to CBD: some allow it to be used as a food supplement or an over-the-counter drug, while others have decriminalized it.

Buying CBD in Australia can be a bit tricky. Australian law allows it if cannabidiol (CBD) concentration is 98% with less than 2% of other cannabinoids in total.

Cannabis industry is continuously growing in Australia. However, the increasing competition in the industry has given rise to a lot of misinformation. Not all brands sell what they claim to sell, and that’s the most considerable confusion among the people.

Furthermore, the legality of CBD in Australia has been ever-changing, and thus, you might wonder “Is CBD legal in Australia?”.

No worries, we will explain it, to make it easier for you. 

We will also answer “how to buy CBD in Australia?”. This article will discuss all the aspects regarding the legality, purchase and use of CBD in Australia.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants.

It is known to interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body – CB1 and CB2, which promotes homeostasis in the body – regulates sleep, appetite, mood, and other.

Hemp seed oil vs hemp (CBD) oil. What is the difference?

One of the biggest confusions when reading about CBD oil is the terms being used, which can be chaotic and does not help the cannabis legality situation at all.

Usually, the terms are mixed up and used in an incorrect way.

Hemp (CBD) Oil

Hemp oil is what manufacturers get from the green matter of the hemp plant, mostly from hemp flowers. Thus, it contains almost all the compounds of the hemp plant, including CBD. Further filtration and distillation determine if it will rip off the other cannabinoids or not.

Hemp oil is the “CBD oil” in Australia, and this is what people get if they get their medical license approved. The legal status of this cannabis extract is ever-changing, and thus, the later parts of this article will discuss it in detail.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is the most benign form of cannabis oil in Australia. As the name indicates, hemp seed oil comes from hemp seed when manufacturers compress them under tremendous pressure. Surprisingly, it doesn’t contain any CBD or THC. Even if it has a negligible amount of CBD or THC in some instances, it is so low that it can be discarded as non-existent.

People mostly use hemp seed oil as a food additive, because of its good nutritional value. Hemp seeds contain vital omegas, fatty acids and other vitamins and are a good source of protein for plant-based diet eaters.

Hemp seed oil can also be found in various cosmetic products, such as hemp hand cream or skin moisturizers, as fats in hemp can help the dry skin.

However, hemp seed oil products should not be mixed with cannabidiol containing products.

Can I legally buy CBD in Australia?

The legality of CBD in Australia is a matter of enormous confusion.

Thereby, this section of the article will clear it once and for all. For a better understanding, let’s go through the history of CBD legality in Australia first.

History of CBD Legality in Australia:

The cultivation, consumption, and distribution of hemp is not a new practice. The industrial and commercial use of hemp, i.e., for animal feed, human food, and textile industries, was common in the 18th and 19th centuries when the English brought hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) to the country.

It was about when big powers like the United States and the United Kingdom started prohibiting the consumption of hemp that Australia also banned the cultivation of industrial hemp in 1938. It occurred after about one and a half-century of hemp cultivation and consumption!

It was nothing more than propaganda by the United States as it suddenly started narrating the harms of hemp and cannabis. Whereas the sole reason was the US Marijuana Tax Act that imposed taxes on cannabis sales, which was the beginning of the crack on cannabis.

It is ridiculous how the plant that served Australians in every industry for around two centuries started getting highlighted negatively in the newspapers that claimed it to be the drug that maddened people, which ironically might have been printed on the hemp paper.

What’s crazier is that the research on cannabis died off together with the ban on cannabis. As all cannabinoids became schedule 1 drugs, it was impossible for the researchers to get the much needed funding to understand cannabinoids and their possible medical usage

The Encouraging Legal Status of CBD in Australia:

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Another Positive Shift:

It took four more years of research and pondering for CBD to get an even more favorable legal status. A Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia regulates the country’s supply, export, import, manufacturing, and advertising of therapeutic substances. It operates under the Health Department of the Government of Australia.

In December 2020, TGA added low-dose cannabidiol to the list of the substances that could be sold without the prescription. It was undoubtedly a massive and very positive shift towards this popular cannabinoid.

It was in February 2021 when all CBD oil products with CBD concentrations less than 150mg/day CBD were accepted as over-the-counter medications. It means that it became possible for everyone to go, get, and enjoy CBD oil products will less CBD concentration without any prescription or a medical license.

Today’s Legal Scenario of CBD in Australia:

Currently, low-dose CBD oil products are entirely legal in Australia. However, if one intends to get a higher concentration because of his health needs, he needs to go to his physician. It can happen only if the physician finds CBD with higher cannabinoids concentration suitable for treating certain medical issues.

Going for an authorized prescriber can make the process much more convenient as their prescription is equal to the approval from TGA.