CBD flowers

Premium quality artisan hemp flowers

Why buy CBD flowers?

CBD flowers offer a way to experience various CBD cannabis strains and truly enjoy the world of flavours.

Are all hemp flowers for sale non-psychoactive?

Yes! All of the hemp flowers sold are non-psychoactive and has no more than 0.2% THC, which is a legal limit in the EU.

How to consume CBD flowers?

There are various ways to consume CBD flowers – putting it into edibles, making tea. Some people choose to smoke it to kick the nicotine addiction.

Sativa vs Indica?

There are 3 cannabis plant species – Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Ruderalis is a small sturdy plant, that is not used in cannabis (hemp) flower cultivation. However, these plants are used in cannabis genetics – to create autoflowering cannabis strains.

Cannabis Sativa is a tall plant with longer flowering times. The flowers are usually not as dense as Indica variety. People choose Sativa to energize their day, uplift mood.

Cannabis Indica is a short to medium height plant with shorter flowering times and dense buds. It is chosen by people to relax and improve sleep.