cbd for athletes

CBD Usage Among Athletes

I’m Tia from AskGrowers, I work here as a journalist and writer. I’m passionate about sports, so let me share with you the story of CBD usage and sports, as I experienced CBD benefits myself.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a well-known natural remedy extracted from a hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) plant. As it doesn’t have psychoactive features, it’s commonly used in medicine. Some doctors view CBD as an option for the treatment of various medical conditions.

What are the features of CBD?

Scientific studies suggest that CBD might be helpful for pain relief and inflammation reduction. Thus, CBD can be used to relieve symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Moreover, some researchers assume that CBD can relieve anxiety, so it has the potential to treat anxiety disorders. People suffering from depression also use CBD to deal with their symptoms and regulate mood. Besides, for some people,  CBD turns out to be an effective remedy to treat insomnia.

Also, CBD may be used by patients with cancer. Doctors argue that it may be helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy. In combination with THC, CBD may be a promising substance in dealing with nausea and vomiting. Thus, using CBD may be beneficial for health.

How does CBD influence the body?

It should be noted that cannabinoids already exist in our bodies. Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system or ECS in the human body. They argue that it regulates the activity of neurons in the CNS. Researchers are still studying how ECS is influenced by phytocannabinoids like CBD.

But it’s already known that the nervous system produces two types of endocannabinoids – 2-AG and EAE. After being produced in postsynaptic neurons, they get released into the synapse. Then they bind to CB1 and CB2 types of receptors on the presynaptic neurons. After that, they inhibit the release of some neurotransmitters.

CB1 and CB2 receptors were discovered in the brain, spinal cord, and some other types of tissues. The difference between them is that more CB2 receptors were found in immune system tissues. When CBD is bound to CB1 type of receptors, it affects the central nervous system, whereas CBD’s binding to CB2 receptors leads to inflammation reduction.

The main function of the ECS is to maintain body homeostasis by keeping neurotransmitters at a certain level. CBD supplements increase the activity of the human’s endocannabinoid system.

cbd for athletes

CBD treatment for people doing sports

If you do sport on a regular basis, you put greater pressure on your body. You may experience some pain issues or inflammation with which your endocannabinoid system cannot deal. As this body system gets overloaded, you may need some help. This way, CBD can be used to balance your neurotransmitter levels and maintain homeostasis.

Athletes especially experience many physical and psychological symptoms of stress related to sports. They may also have injuries and chronic pains that are difficult to manage. To recover the body many people use CBD for athletes. It helps to avoid using chemical painkillers and decreases the risk of opioid addiction.

Fortunately, CBD has become legal for athletes since 2018 when the World Anti-Doping Agency expelled it from the list of prohibited drugs. But another cannabinoid – THC is still banned to use as it’s a psychoactive substance. So it means that it’s forbidden for athletes to use cannabis with high THC levels.

CBD can be used by athletes for the following purposes:

1) To reduce inflammation and oxidation

Inflammation is a negative physical symptom that is considered to be a barrier to optimal health. Chronic problems with inflammation typically lead to pain and sicknesses. The inflammation process prevents the body from recovery, which is a big problem for professional athletes. As sports CBD products have anti-inflammatory properties, they are commonly used by people doing sports professionally.

Moreover, sportsmen often experience oxidative stress. To avoid oxidative buildup, one may use CBD that boosts levels of internal antioxidants and prevents oxidative stress. Thus, an athlete feels less soreness in muscles and has a better immune system functioning.

2) To promote muscle relaxation

After doing sports muscles may be so tense that even walking and other normal activities become difficult to do. In this case, your body needs deep muscle relaxation. It can be reached with the help of CBD as it influences body systems that relieve tension. CBD influences GABA-A receptors and consequently enhances the production of GABA neurotransmitters that are responsible for decreasing muscle spasms.

3) To improve sleep

Another answer to the question ‘why athletes use CBD’ is to sleep better. An intense sports routine may cause problems with sleep. CBD is assumed to normalize sleep cycles, so that’s why athletes who struggle with insomnia use this natural remedy. In addition, the more sleep you get, the more time you have to restore your body, which is especially important for professional sportsmen. Moreover, CBD doesn’t cause drowsiness in the daytime, which is a significant advantage.

4) To protect the Central Nervous System (CNS)

CNS is actively engaged during physical activities. When CNS functions excessively, it gets exhausted, which leads to poor muscle contraction and decreased strength. It’s called CNS burnout and is characterized by reduced physical productivity. As CBD helps to balance neurotransmitters, it promotes CNS flexibility and neuronal health.

cbd for athletes

The importance of CBD for athletes

If you do sports professionally, you may benefit from using the best CBD for athletes. Today cannabidiol is commonly used in the sports industry as some individuals feel its healing effects on their body. Some people argue that this substance helps them to recover from stress caused by regular training and relieve pains and aches provoked by physical exercises.

Many famous athletes use CBD due to its effects on their health. For instance, Jay Williams, a former NBA star, says that it helped him to relieve inflammation and get rid of anxiety issues. Even Mike Tyson started promoting CBD as he believes in its positive impact on people’s health. So if you are keen on sports, why not consider using CBD?

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