How to choose the best CBD product?

With CBD market blooming and hemp products being everywhere, many people feel lost in the variety of cannabinoid products claiming to be the best there are. Do not worry, we will help you stay informed.

There are 3 basic types of CBD:

1) Full-spectrum CBD (whole plant extract) products contain all naturally occuring cannabinoids and other natural compounds (such as terpenes, flavanoids, vitamins, omegas). Has no more than 0,2% THC and has all the goodness that cannabis plant has to offer.

2) Broad spectrum CBD products are refined full-spectrum extracts with the intention to remove THC. It is done by using high temperature. Final product has only some compounds left. Has no more than 0,05% THC.

3) CBD isolate is made by removing all the compounds from the hemp plant except CBD. Has 0% THC.

Firstly, you should choose which type of CBD you want. At Sativum our choice is full-spectrum products. As scientific research shows that all cannabinoids working together (entourage effect) gives way better results than isolated CBD:

“In animal studies of analgesia, pure CBD produces a biphasic dose-response curve such that smaller doses reduce pain responses until a peak is reached, after which further increases in dose are ineffective. Interestingly, the application of a full spectrum Cannabis extract with equivalent doses of CBD eliminates the biphasic response in favor of a linear dose-response curve such that the botanical extract is analgesic at any dose with no observed ceiling effect (Gallily et al., 2014).” – Meaning isolated CBD was effective up to a certain degree “ceiling”, while full-spectrum CBD was more effective with each higher dose “no ceiling”.

With so many people trying to profit from the young, uncontrolled CBD market – selling falsly labelled products, cutting cannabinoid quantities, selling hemp oil that is a by-product of hemp fibre that is made in China and sometimes products that do not even contain any cannabinoids at all, it is very important to check product’s cannabinoid profiles, also called certificate of analysis (CoA), which shows exactly what cannabinoids and in what quantities are in your product.

Also, make sure your cannabis products are laboratory tested as hemp is a bio-accumulator – meaning it absorbs heavy metals and other compounds from the ground which ends up in the final product. Laboratory test makes sure your CBD oil is pure and contamination free.

To make your CBD choosing experience even easier, we recommend:

✓ full-spectrum (whole plant) extracted CBD

✓ laboratory tested

✓ view cannabinoid profiles (certificate of analysis)

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