how to use cannabis oil

How to use cannabis oil

Have you been curious lately about the benefits of cannabis? Or maybe how to use cannabis oil?

It is a perfect option for consuming cannabis (or hemp) if you don’t like the inhalation process. Also, it is easier to find the right dosage of cannabis oil suiting your organism.

But you might wonder – how to do so?

No worries – we are here to explain to you all ins and outs and feel the benefits.

After reading this article, you will most likely be a pro of medical cannabis and will be able to explain to other people why and how to use cannabis oil. So tune in!

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oils are made by extracting the cannabis plant (mostly flowers as they contain all the cannabinoids – CBD, THC, and others. Plants are usually extracted in one of two ways – ethanol or C02 extraction. It can be made either from psychoactive cannabis (marijuana) or non-psychoactive (hemp) plants. Depending on which variety of cannabis plant is extracted, cannabis oil will be either high in THC or CBD or even both. As there are many cannabis plant varieties – we highly recommend reading the product labels carefully.

how to use cannabis oil

Why do people use it?

As cannabis plant is a natural remedy, many people choose to use it instead of synthetic drugs as cannabis has fewer side effects. While more research is needed to conclude all the benefits of the cannabis plant, lots of people use it to better their health. Cannabis plants are believed to help with sleep problems, appetite, anxiety, depression, back pain (and as pain reliever in general), as anti-inflammatory (yogis use it too!) remedy, and many other uses and benefits are being researched every day.

How to use cannabis oil

Cannabis has many ways of consumption and choosing one is just a matter of preference. Some people prefer smoking or vaping cannabis – this way the cannabis works faster. While using oil (tinctures) takes a bit longer to “kick in”, it is a healthier option.

The best way to use hemp oil (as well as CBD oil) is a sublingual method – cannabis oil is dropped under your tongue, preferably with a pipette. Let it sit under your tongue for 30-60sec and then swallow the remains. As the area under your tongue has the most capillaries, cannabis oil is absorbed more efficiently than simply swallowing it, where cannabis oil is also affected by the stomach.

Even though not as efficient, CBD (or THC) oil can also be added into smoothies, coffee, or food of your choice. Just remember that using cannabis (or CBD) oil this way is not as efficient as using it under your tongue and you will require a bigger dosage for the same results.

How to use cannabis oil in 3 easy steps:

1) Begin with a small dose of cannabis oil and work your way up. When dosing – stand in front of the mirror and see how many drops of cannabis oil you are consuming. This way you know the exact dose you take and can accordingly adjust it.

2) Read the cannabis oil products label. Oils comes in different concentrations, so one drop of cannabis oil can have different levels of cannabinoids depending on what product you are using.

Pro tip: Usually cannabis oil (also CBD oil) comes in different concentrations, such as 5% or 10%, other times it comes in mg. Depending on what cannabinoids you are going after (it is usually THC or CBD) this % or mg number gives the exact amount of THC or CBD you are getting. To put it more simply let’s look at an example:

A 5% CBD oil (10ml) bottle has 500mg of CBD in it. Considering that the bottle contains 200 drops, meaning 1 drop is 2,5mg of CBD.

Knowing this helps to set an exact dose of cannabinoids you want to take.

3) Observe if any side effects appear. Even though side effects are not very common and usually aren’t harsh, they can still appear. If you notice any, lower your dose and see if it persists.

how to use cannabis oil


First of all, it is worth mentioning that everyone has a different endocannabinoid system and varying tolerance levels for cannabis – meaning there is no universal dose suiting everyone.

However, it is easy to find out your personal dosage. Just start with a small dose and build it up gradually until you find the “golden spot”. This way you find exactly what works for you personally.

As mentioned earlier, it is highly advised to read the cannabis product label to understand what is the concentration of your tincture and how many milligrams of certain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBDa or other) you are taking.


Now you know how to use cannabis oil and find the correct individual dosage suiting your organism. Just remember it is always better to start slow and build up your dose gradually over time. If you wonder where to find organic cannabis oil or how to choose the best CBD product, you can check our products here.

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