Sustainable & responsible

Being environmentally friendly is a core value of our business. That is why we use resources in a responsible way. Also we work only with companies that have the same sustainability values. This way we make the future greener!​

solar payments

We chose a payment provider that uses solar energy to process payments made in our online store. As solar energy is a sustainable source of electricity, it is a perfect choice to save the environment!

Solar energy used to power internet banking
Greener package delivery for sustainable future

Greener delivery

We deliver our products with company that has sustainability values - PostNL. To cut CO2 emissions, they use electromobiles and green gas for their deliveries, also last miles are delivered by bicycles - clean kilometres to your home! On top of that they make 43% of their used electricity with solar panels. And since their sustainability goals are more ambitious, we choose them as our delivery partner.

recycled materials

We wrap our products with an ease of mind, because they are wrapped in recycled materials. Also when we hand out our business cards, we make sure they are made from 100% recycled unbleached cardboard.

Eco-friendly sustainable recycled packaging

We believe in creating a brand that is commited to saving resources so that it is good for the planet in the long-term. By combining partnerships with sustainable companies and use of recycled materials - we contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

Ultimately we want to become a CO2 positive company - as our hemp extracts are made by a CO2 extraction method - carbon dioxyde is used to make our oils, hemp produces O2 as it grows and on top of that we plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, we believe that we have a chance in becoming one!